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Craft Bakery

This is where artisan bread-making fills the air with delicious smells from 3.00 a.m. until midday.  Our craft bakery on Bath Lane, Leicester produces all our bread and signature cakes and pastries for our cafés and our sandwich rounds. We also deliver the best in our bakery to restaurants and shops around the city as soon as it leaves our ovens.

wedding-cakeThere’s a passion in traditional bread making that can be witnessed in our craft bakery day in day out.  We use true craft methods of bread making as it develops from dough to loaf, relying on the quality of our ingredients and the skills of our bakers to produce unparalleled product.  Our master bakers have trained as apprentices and progressed through the company over a number of years and we employ all the traditional craft making methods.  Our bread is made with sourdough which adds flavour in a way bulk plants can’t.  We mould, prove and bake our bread by hand, this allows our bakers to make adjustments to the recipe to accommodate the strength of flour in a particular batch, the weather, humidity and numerous other things that affect bread.  Take a look at our awards on our news page!

bread-logos3Our bakery is where our wonderful cakes and pastries are also made – Brucciani’s lemon splits and Danish pastries are famous county wide!  We have a whole section of the bakery devoted to celebration cakes, where we can create works of art for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or parties.  There is a standard range or we can create something to your own design – call into our Churchgate café and we’ll see what we can do!




Café & Head Office

5 Fox Lane Leicester LE1 1WT 0116 251 9232

Café & Cakeshop

10 Churchgate Leicester LE1 4AJ 0116 291 1202

Craft Bakery

3 Bath Lane Leicester LE3 5BF 0116 262 0163