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Wholesale Trade

trade2Some of the city’s top restaurants and shops come to us for their baked goods – our breads, cakes and pastries come freshly from our craft bakery to their locations.  Our great reputation is vital to us, we won’t compromise on freshness, so we limit supply to those who are within range of our morning deliveries.  If you’re in Aberdeen and we can’t get our fresh bread to you within three hours, then it’s not fresh enough for us.

We have a whole menu of items available for the wholesale trade, if you’re looking for artisan produce click to download our Brucciani Wholesale Catalogue 2013.  If you need any further information we’re happy to talk through all the nitty gritty in person.  Just call us on 0116 251 9232 or email info@brucciani.co.uk



Café & Head Office

5 Fox Lane Leicester LE1 1WT 0116 251 9232

Café & Cakeshop

10 Churchgate Leicester LE1 4AJ 0116 291 1202

Craft Bakery

3 Bath Lane Leicester LE3 5BF 0116 262 0163